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You've never had more fun than this dancing Pirates fan

This guy has got it all figured out.

The score? Irrelevant. The standings? Irrelevant. This guy is just happy to be enjoying his favorite sport and watching his favorite team play at his favorite ballpark.

Ask yourself: have I ever been as happy and carefree as this man? I'm willing to bet the answer to that question is no. In fact, I'd bet my life-savings on that because no one -- and I repeat, no one -- has ever been this happy. This is like a six-year-old-at-Disney-World level of happiness, although this guy makes that six-year-old look like Emily Dickinson.

I would use this GIF to measure my happiness against, but that'd be like measuring my height against the Chrysler Building. Instead, I'll just enjoy it.

Dance on, Pirates fan. Dance on:


-- Dakota Gardner /