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Yunel Escobar's bat-spinning skills powered his game-tying single, probably the entire East Coast

Escobar channels bat spinning into game-tying single

When Yunel Escobar stepped to the plate with a chance to tie the game in the bottom of the eighth against the Mets on Friday night, he prepared himself in, uh, quite an interesting way: 

Escobar spin

Poor Matt Harvey was probably baffled -- a rhythmic gymnastics routine? Toshiro Mifune impersonation? The world's biggest Donatello fan

Alas, it was something far more grave, and no one realized until it was far too late: Yunel was, in fact, powering up, like Road Runner moments before he beep-beeps into oblivion. Only, instead of speeding, Escobar did this: 

Escobar single

If we can only find a way to ensure that Yunel Escobar is constantly in a game-tying situation, endless renewable energy is in sight. 

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