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New Angels infielder Yunel Escobar has tied Edwin Jackson as MLB's most-traded active player

Yunel Escobar ties MLB's most-traded active player

Back in July, Edwin Jackson was MLB's most-traded active player. He's been dealt six times in his career, throwing a no-hitter and picking up a World Series ring along the way. Two players, Emilio Bonifacio and Yunel Escobar, were close behind with five trades apiece. Well, guess what? Escobar was traded to the Angels on Thursday. 

Jackson and Escobar are now tied as MLB's most-traded active player, but the Angels' new third baseman comes with a bonus wrinkle: He's only changed teams by way of trades. He's also covered thousands more miles than Jackson -- since his Braves debut in 2007, Escobar's city-to-city travels have totaled more than 11,000 miles:


His trades, in order:

1. Escobar spent 3 1/2 seasons in Atlanta: 1,139 days from his June 2, 2007, debut to his July 2010, trade to the Blue Jays for veteran shortstop Alex Gonzalez, future Braves infielder Tyler Pastornicky and Tim Collins.

2. After 2 1/2 seasons and 875 days with the Blue Jays, Escobar found himself as one of the 12 players swapped between Toronto and the Marlins following the 2012 season.

3. But he was only with the Marlins for 16 days before he was traded to the Rays.  

4. Escobar played two full seasons with the Rays and spent 768 days with the team, which gave him plenty of time to develop extremely intricate handshakes:


Ten days into 2015, however, Escobar was shipped with Ben Zobrist to the A's for John Jaso, Daniel Robertson and Boog Powell.  

5. Escobar may not have even found an apartment in Oakland, though, as four days later he was exchanged for the Nationals' Tyler Clippard.

6. Escobar hit .314/.375/.415 in his single season with the Nationals, and then, as you know, he was traded to the Angels.

And with that, he and Jackson are even. Jackson's currently a free agent, so he'll have to sign with a team before the possibility of a seventh trade, and it seems that Escobar will stick around for at least a bit with the Angels -- but you never know. We should also note that Jesse Chavez, Marlon Byrd and Michael Morse have joined Bonifacio in second with five trades since their debuts, so the standings for "MLB's most-traded player" could look very different this time next year. 

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