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Zack Greinke busts out the rarely seen pitcher bat flip ... on a double

Greinke unleashes a bat flip ... on a double

The maestro of the bat flip may be more restrained with his lumber these days, but after the Dodgers' win over the Brewers Tuesday night, the nation can sleep soundly knowing that there's at least one enthusiastic pupil ready to carry on the Ways of the Wood. The name on the jersey may be different, but make no mistake: You can take the bat flip out of the Puig, but you can't take the Puig out of the bat flip:

Greinke bat flip

It's been rough going for pitchers at the plate lately, so you can't really blame Zack Greinke for basically flipping on contact here; who knows how many shots he's got left?

That being said, um, he might have been a little too excited in his ensuing at-bat:

Greinke appeal

When you make your living striking people out, the habit dies hard. 

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