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Yasiel Puig punctuated his laser beam home run with a huge bat flip and celebration

A one-run lead in a Game 7 is about as stressful as it gets. Yasiel Puig removed all that stress with a single swing. With the Dodgers leading the Brewers, 2-1, in the sixth inning of NLCS Game 7 on Saturday, he gave Los Angeles a little more breathing room with a three-run shot over the center-field wall. That meant it was time for a stress-relieving around-the-bases celebration. 
He started with a textbook, tightly coiled bat flip: 

He performed interpretive dance: 

He showed off his hard work in the gym: 

And even proved that LeBron isn't the only one with a killer jump shot in LA these days: 

Hey, you've gotta leave everything on the field in Game 7 -- and that includes celebrations.