Name the active hits leader on every team

Have you been keeping track?

March 3rd, 2020
Tom Forget

One of the most effective ways for a batter to help his team score runs is to get a hit. Sure, a homer is better than a triple, which is better than a double, which in turn is better than a single, but at the end of the day, they're all pretty good. In broad strokes, then, the best players are those who get the most hits. Surely, you know who those players are.

Or do you? There's only way to find out: a pop quiz.

Let's see if you can identify each team's active hits leader. The rules: They had to have recorded those hits with that team and still be on the team. All of Mookie Betts' hits with the Red Sox no longer count because he's now with the Dodgers. Similarly, they don't count to his Dodgers total since he didn't record them in Dodger blue. Make sense?

Good. Now that the rules are clear, let's find out just how much you know about all 30 active hits leaders around baseball (if quiz isn't displaying, click here).

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