College Baseball Foundation to celebrate 2021 National College Baseball Day

February 19th, 2021

The crack of the bat, the smell of the grass and the game America loves. Join the National College Baseball Hall of Fame as we again celebrate National College Baseball Day today.

While the annual celebration coincides with Opening Day for NCAA Division I programs, it is designed to honor college baseball at all levels. We'll spend the day sharing facts about the college version of America's pastime through social media and in anticipation of a full slate of games, and we hope you'll take time to contribute your own thoughts and memories during the day using #NationalCollegeBaseballDay.

“In any given year, college baseball fans spend the entire offseason counting the days until the next season starts for Division I college baseball and that’s even more true after the past year,” said Mike Gustafson, president and CEO of the National College Baseball Hall of Fame. “With the season at every level getting cut so short, we’re all that much more anxious to watch some live games. Those of us at the Hall of Fame are no different. Baseball is such a fun game with an amazingly rich history and National College Baseball Day gives us a chance to celebrate that and bring attention to college baseball at all levels. We can’t wait to share that with everyone.”

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