Papi to Dusty: 'Can you put me in, man? I can go deep still'

July 20th, 2022

Is there anyone having more fun at the All-Star Game than David Ortiz?

Big Papi is having quite the busy week in Los Angeles for the 2022 All-Star festivities. After being brought out by Bad Bunny for a guest appearance in the Celebrity Softball Game on Saturday, Ortiz found himself in the American League's dugout at Dodger Stadium during the top of the fifth inning on Tuesday, chopping it up with the players.

Before heading down the steps, Ortiz introduced pinch-hitter Miguel Cabrera, who will certainly join Ortiz, who will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday, in Cooperstown a few years down the line.

"To me, he's like my big brother," Cabrera said earlier in the day. "He's like our family and it's a great honor to say he's like my friend after baseball."

Ortiz's first question was to AL manager Dusty Baker.

"Hey, Dusty," said Ortiz. "Can you put me in, man? I can go deep still."

"I know you can go deep. I'm going to save you until the ninth just in case we're behind," Baker told him.

As he made his way through the dugout, Papi said hello to the likes of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Rafael Devers, José Ramírez, Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge. After visiting with Judge, Ortiz exclaimed to the world that someone should "pay the man!"

Ortiz later found Blue Jays ace Alek Manoah in the dugout and asked him about how he would pitch him. Manoah couldn't even get a full sentence out before Ortiz screamed, "Man, I'll take you deep! I'm out of here!"

Never change, Big Papi.