KBO's Heroes celebrate with T-shirt cannon

They are legit heroes now

July 15th, 2020

You want to see people truly lose their minds? You want to see doctors and lawyers devolve into overexcited children? Bring out the T-shirt cannon. Every concert organizer or team mascot knows this.

And if you thought baseball players would be immune because they're around the novelty device so much, well, you'd be wrong.

Enter: The KBO's Kiwoom Heroes.

After third baseman and noted bat-flipper Byung-woo Jeon went deep against the Dinos on Tuesday, one of the team's coaches was ready for him in the dugout with the T-shirt cannon. Forget the Nationals' team dances in the World Series, this is the best dugout celebration we've ever seen:

Unfortunately, this also means that all great moments in life should now come with a T-shirt cannon. Birth announcement? T-shirt cannon. Wedding? T-shirt cannon. Casual night at home with the significant other? T-shirt cannon.

This isn't the first time Jeon has found a great way for the team to celebrate, though. Last month, he bought the team 30 pizzas following his walk-off hit:

While we don't think it's possible for the Heroes to top their new celebration, we're excited to see what they can come up with next.