Help elect these mascots to the Hall of Fame

Every mascot dreams of this day

October 18th, 2021

After a career filled with great performances and highlight reel moments, there is no greater honor than to be elected to the Hall of Fame. And by that, I mean the Mascot Hall of Fame. (Why? Is there another one you thought I was referring to?)

This week, the elections for the 2022 class are happening and you can help make the case for which furry, weird looking aliens (or birds) deserve to get into the only Hall of Fame honoring these fuzzy weirdos. Twenty-five mascots from across the sporting world were included in the preliminary round and now we're down to the 10 finalists. But if you want your voice to be heard, you'd better hurry: Voting ends Oct. 23.

Of the finalists, three are Major League mascots. There's Fredbird, the Cardinals' lovable avian who has been delighting fans since 1979. When it came to the pandemic shortened 2020, he was perhaps the very best at using all the open space in the stands:

The White Sox' Southpaw -- also known as The Fuzzy Green Dude -- is a finalist, too. Around since 2004, Southpaw has the rare claim to have attended a presidential inauguration as he was board on the Illinois float in 2009.

The Red Sox' Bermuda shorts-wearing mascot Wally is also hoping to be inducted this year. Wally has been delighting the Fenway faithful ever since he emerged from the Green Monster in 1997. He's also one of the rare mascots to have a sibling, as Wally is the big brother to Tessie -- named for the Royal Rooters' favorite song.