It's the last week to vote in MLB Food Fight

32 foods enter. Only one can win

May 19th, 2021

There's still a long way to go in the baseball season and every team -- no matter how quickly they got out of the gate or how poorly they started the year -- has at least the mathematic possibility of winning the World Series. But when it comes to which Major League food will reign supreme? Well, there's a lot less time in that season.

That's right, we are in the final week of voting for MLB's Food Fight. 32 ballpark staples entered -- one for every club along with the old standbys of Cracker Jack and peanuts to fill out the bracket -- and only one can win. Even better: Your vote doesn't just help your favorite concession item, but it enters you to win tickets to a game. (Click here for more information on every matchup.)

With voting set to end on May 26, we can give you a little update on how the results are shaking out so far. Sadly, we don't have Steve Kornacki and his khaki pants to tell us who voters from Maricopa County are choosing.

Here are the top 10 so far, with Philadelphia pulling ahead with the deliciously cheesy Philly cheesesteak in the early lead.

1. Philly Cheesesteak (PHI)

2. Cold Lobster Roll (BOS)

3. The Boomstick (TEX)

4. Ghirardelli World Famous Hot Fudge Sundae (SF)

5. Cincinnati Chili Cheese Coneys (CIN)

6. Lobel's Steak Sandwich (NYY)

7. Burgundy Pepper Tri-Tip Nachos (SD)

8. Churro Dog (ARI)

9. Pete Alonso's Polar Burger (NYM)

10. Peanuts

Perhaps most surprising of all is how most of these are the ballpark classics. The crazy overloaded burgers and giant sandwiches may get the press, but when push comes to shove, people mostly want the classics. Pete Alonso's burger, which debuted this season, is the only new food option to crack the top 10 and it comes in just ahead of plain old peanuts.

We've got a few notable first-round matchups, too.

- The Rangers' Boomstick is taking on the Reds' Cincinnati Chili Cheese Coneys and both are proving to be popular, with each among the Top 5 choices to win. The problem? Only one can advance. The other will be a hard-luck first-round loser.

- Nachos can't beat nachos! Both nacho matchups (A's pulled pork nachos vs. Cardinals Four Hands nachos and Padres' Burgundy pepper tri-tip nachos vs. the Royals' Brisket-achos) are in a 51-49 battle.

- Pete Alonso's sandwich is winning the player battle over Tony Olivia's Cuban sandwich, 52-48.

- The churro dog may be a top 10 pick, but it's not likely to beat the Giants' ice cream sundae. The ice cream is winning, 58-42.

- Seattle's salmon sandy is no match for Boston's cold lobster roll. Boston is, excuse me, rolling in that matchup, 68-32.

Right now the most likely Final Four matchups are both World Series rematches, too. The most likely final at the moment is either a replay of the 1986 World Series with the Red Sox and Mets squaring off (Cold Lobster Roll vs. Pete Alonso's Polar Burger), or a repeat of the 2009 Fall Classic with the Yankees' Lobel's Steak Sandwich taking on the Philly Cheesesteak.

But with one more week of voting, anything can happen. So, make your voice heard and help put your favorite food over the top. Head over to to vote.