All-Star battery mic'd up: 'What are you thinking?'

Yankees' Cortes, Trevino work through clean 6th inning in Midsummer Classic

July 20th, 2022

Nestor Cortes and Jose Trevino took the PitchCom concept to another level during the All-Star Game on Tuesday night.

The first-time All-Stars and Yankees teammates were mic’d up during the bottom of the sixth at Dodger Stadium, as Cortes entered the game for his All-Star debut. Trevino, who had come into his first Midsummer Classic an inning earlier, spent the sixth talking to Cortes as the two gave fans a rare glimpse of how batterymates approach different hitters.

“It was a little nerve-wracking; I’m trying to listen to the guys, trying to say what I’m going to throw, but I’m still trying to execute,” Cortes said of being mic’d up during the American League's 3-2 victory. “A little overwhelming, but it’s good experience. I loved it and had a lot of fun doing it, especially with me and Trevy being connected.”

Prior to a 2-1 pitch against Austin Riley of the Braves, Trevino asked Cortes, “What are you thinking?”

“Cutter, backdoor,” Cortes said.

“OK, get it there,” Trevino said.

He didn’t quite, missing off the plate away.

“Too horizontal, I messed up,” Cortes said under his breath.

After getting Riley to foul off the 3-1 pitch, the pair got back to strategizing.

“You got options here, you got heater up-and-in, you got cutter in,” Trevino said.

“Heater up-and-in,” Cortes said.

Another foul ball.

After some thought, Cortes made the call.

“Let’s go heater up-and-in again,” he said.

Swing and a miss. Trevino quickly asked Cortes if he wanted the ball to commemorate his first All-Star strikeout, which the pitcher most certainly did.

“It felt great,” Cortes said after the game. “First strikeout in the All-Star Game; hopefully the first of many. I’m just happy for the opportunity; it was a dream come true.”

One batter later, Cortes, who’s known for his colorful windups on the mound, dropped a funky one on Mets slugger Pete Alonso. The mustachioed lefty swung his right leg toward first base and back, turned his chest toward the center-field scoreboard and unleashed a 74 mph sweeper for a ball below the zone.

Alonso went on to draw a walk, then after the Braves’ Dansby Swanson lined out to center field, Cortes hit Atlanta’s Travis d’Arnaud with a pitch, moving the potential tying run into scoring position.

Cortes responded by striking out Garrett Cooper of the Marlins to end the inning, preserving the American League’s one-run lead.

“I was a little nervous for the buildup, but once I stepped on the mound, everything felt normal again,” Cortes said. “I struggled a little bit throwing strikes in the beginning, but I got myself within the game and was able to do the job.”

Trevino, who picked up his first career All-Star hit with a seventh-inning single and finished 1-for-2, was happy that he and Cortes were able to give fans a window into the preparation pitchers and catchers do every time they take the field.

“It was a good experience, especially for the fans,” Trevino said. “I hope they enjoyed it. It’s a little insight of some of the prep work that goes into his side and my side coming together on the field and actually doing it.”