Here are Players' Weekend nicknames for SF

August 18th, 2019

For the third consecutive year, the Giants will have a chance to put their personalities on display during Players' Weekend, which will run from Aug. 24-25.

Here's a look at the unique nicknames the Giants will wear on the back of their jerseys during their two-game series against the A's:

Shaun Anderson: "BIGG SHAUN"


: "BOB"

Belt's nickname originated during his college days at the University of Texas, where his coach inexplicably started calling him Bob.




Crawford is known as the clubhouse DJ and curates the playlist for the team's postgame celebrations.


As a child in the Dominican Republic, Cueto used to sneak into his neighbor's stables and borrow their horses, earning this moniker for his exploits. There's no direct translation from Spanish, but it's generally given to someone who is mischievous.


A nickname given to Dickerson by friends after he underwent back surgery in high school.


Already known by a nickname, Gennett opted to go with his given name for Players' Weekend.




Moronta's nickname is short for "tiburón," which means "shark" in Spanish.



Samardzija's moniker comes from a former college teammate at Notre Dame who thought he looked like the shark from the movie "Finding Nemo."


Barry Zito named him after the animated movie hero "Kung Fu Panda."

A reference to a character from the teen sitcom "Saved by the Bell."



Vogt earned his nickname from A's fans, who would chant "I believe in Stephen Vogt" when he played at the Coliseum.


You've probably heard of his grandfather, Carl.