Ryan Borucki does his own Marcus Stroman workout

Is this the newest workout fad?

January 28th, 2020

Marcus Stroman may no longer rep Toronto, but his impact is still being felt on the team -- at least when it comes to their offseason workout regiment.

The right-hander recently showed off his core strength and sommelier skills as he slowly shuffled along the ground like an athletic Mr. Snuffleupagus with a glass of wine balanced on his back:

To get ready for the season, Jays pitcher Ryan Borucki knew exactly what he needed to do: Crawl around on the ground while balancing a Stroman bobblehead on his back. Because this is a very important core workout -- I guess -- he made sure to have Vlad Guerrero Jr. on hand to supervise and be ready to spot him should the bobble start wobbling:

This probably is the best way to get a good workout in, though: Put something truly unreplaceable on your back and you'll no longer be able to quit halfway through and say, "You know what? I earned some cheetos."