Broadcaster makes amazing 1-handed grab

It's only April and we may have the catch of the year

April 22nd, 2021
Screengrab via @NCAACWS on Twitter

"Look alive out there" -- yeah, that command doesn't just apply to the players on the field, but the people in the broadcast booth, too.

With Texas Tech leading West Virginia, 7-0, on Friday night, Tech infielder Jace Jung fouled a pitch right toward the press box. While this might usually clang off some glass, or maybe even smash a computer or two, Red Raiders announcer Geoff Haxton instead made the defensive highlight of the year.

Forget Gold Gloves, how about gold, well, uh, hands. Right after saying that the ball was "coming right at us," Haxton stuck his hand out and seemingly willed the ball into his grasp.

If you've seen enough YouTube videos, your first thought might be that its fake. Or, if you're a "Star Wars" fan, you might assume this was the first real life use of the force. Instead, Haxton might just have the best reflexes and softest hands in the sport.

"I’ll tell you man, those instincts just kicked in in half a second," Haxton, a former college catcher, told Slate. "It was moving so fast, I didn’t have time to get out of the way. If I had tried to do a dodge or something, it would have hit me. I just snared it."

Maybe it's time for some big league team to give him an audition. If this was a Disney movie, he already would have been called up to the bigs.