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This Minor League broadcaster's laptop got obliterated by a foul ball

The life of a Minor League announcer is a grind. While most big league broadcasts feature at least two people on the mic, multiple producers and a statistician or two, most Minor League broadcasts consist of a passionate baseball-loving hero and a trusty laptop.
For the voices of lower-level baseball, a good laptop stands in as a color commentator, fact checker, producer, streaming engineer and social media manager. Wednesday night, Tri-City ValleyCats broadcaster Steven Cusumano had his most valuable companion completely decimated by a foul ball at MCU Park in Brooklyn.

To his credit, Cusumano took the situation pretty well and, thanks to an HDMI cable, discovered a pretty innovative solution to his blasted-out screen.

You know what they say: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor a cracked screen from a foul ball stays these Minor League broadcasters from the swift completion of their appointed game notes.