Minnesota Twins Community Fund Ambassador, Brian Raabe

Coach and Parent Clinics

The Coach and Parent Clinic program, presented by UnitedHealthcare, is designed to teach coaching techniques across various aspects of the game, for new and experienced coaches. Clinics are free for communities to host and free to attend. Funding is provided by the Twins Community Fund and UnitedHealthcare.

The clinic formats have been designed by Minnesota Twins Community Fund Ambassador, Brian Raabe.

Clinics last between two and three hours, including time for questions and discussion.

We urge hosts to invite parents as well as coaches, so that parents can understand the techniques and drills that their kids are practicing, and help implement them at home. The Twins Community Fund provides all the instruction equipment needed; participants are asked to bring any materials they need to record notes. The more coaches and parents who attend, the better the young ballplayers of your organization will be!


The organization and/or community hosting a Coach and Parent Clinic program, presented by UnitedHealthcare, has a few responsibilities leading up to the day of the clinic, they are as follows:

Clinic Sites
The Twins Community Fund requires clinic hosts to secure an indoor site for the clinic date. The venue should be large enough to accommodate the number of attendees with seating. Clinics are scheduled for indoors to protect against inclement weather, the clinic is conducted lecture style. The host is also responsibility for conducting any check-in or registration; a minimum attendee commitment is required in the application.

Virtual Clinics
If preferred by the host, the clinic can also be done virtually. If this is your preferred method of conducting the clinic, details will be worked out between the Play Ball Ambassador and the clinic host.

The Twins Community Fund expects that each host will do everything within their means to promote the clinic to the coaches and parents in their organization or community. Twins Community Fund staff can help host communities promote their clinics by providing hosts with images and logos for flyers and posters, and advertising in Twins publications; available upon request.

The application to host a 2024 Coach and Parent Clinic program, presented by UnitedHealthcare, is closed. If you have any questions regarding the application please contact [email protected].