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10 outlandish ballpark indulgences to help you celebrate Eat What You Want Day

10 outlandish ballpark indulgences to devour

Monday is perhaps the most encouraging of holidays: Eat What You Want Day. It's an entire day dedicated to eating whatever food your heart desires -- it doesn't even have to be food. You can eat whatever you want!

To help you celebrate, we compiled a list of 10 unusual food and food-like items from ballparks around the country. If you happen to have millions of dollars in disposable income, you could probably buy a private jet and consume most everything on this list in one day. But it's up to you.

Some of the suggestions are the kind of outlandish concession creations you've come to know and love. Others are more circumstantially unusual. But this is Eat What You Want Day. We wanted to give you some options.

1. Funnel Cake Cheeseburger


Would you like a cheeseburger for dinner, but also have an inexplicable craving for carnival-style funnel cake? The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers have you covered.

2. Churro dog

No dish fulfills the phrase "dessert hot dog" quite like Chase Field's Churro Dog: A churro in a donut bun, under heaps of frozen yogurt, caramel and chocolate sauce. We're pretty sure it's also Eat However Many You Want Day. 

3. Krispy Kreme Donut Dog


A hot dog nestled inside a glazed Krispy Kreme donut, topped with bacon and raspberry jam. Wilmington awaits you.

4. Chicken finger from the sky


A gift bestowed upon the Earth from the skies above. Until drone delivery goes mainstream, the chicken finger that fell onto the pitcher's mound during a Giants game is the best way to say you've eaten food plucked directly from the sky. And who wouldn't want that?

5. Taco in a helmet


If you missed out on Spring Training, you missed out on eating a taco in a helmet at Tradition Field. Sure there isn't any MLB action going on there now, but we all know how good ice cream in a helmet is. A taco in a helmet may be even better. Bonus: The line is probably super short.

6. Chicken and waffles cone

You want chicken and waffles, but you also have a few errands to run. If there was only some way to make the dish transportable. Well done, Minute Maid Park.

7. Pot Roast Sandwich

U.S. Cellular Field also offers a Rib Helmet, but honestly -- Pot. Roast. Sandwich. 

8. Anything from the "Bacon me crazy" stand inside San Manuel Stadium


Bacon-wrapped frog legs? Bacon-topped ice cream? Bacon donut cheeseburger? Go enjoy an Inland Empire 66ers game, like Cut4's own Michael Clair did, and you don't have to choose. 

9. Grilled miscellanea from this guy's kayak in McCovey Cove

If you're looking for a unique atmosphere, you can ask this Giants fan who likes to kayak in McCovey Cove during games at AT&T Park to grill you something up.

10. A baseball


Hey, on Eat What You Want Day, you can eat anything you want. No judging. 

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