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On Deion Sanders' 46th birthday, here are 10 photos of Prime Time at his prime-timest

Deion Sanders turned 46 on Friday, and as much as the former Yankee/Brave/Red/Giant/NFLer was known for his supreme athletic ability, he's also well-regarded for his fashion sense. Here are 10 photos over the years honoring Prime Time's impeccable style. You wish you had this much swag.

Deion's rookie card from 1989. Never has a mullet looked so good.

Deion Sanders, Yankees

Photo via

"Yeah, that's real fur ... you wanna touch it?"

Deion, fur

Gold on gold.

Deion, Gold

Photo via

Breakaway sweatsuits. YES!

Deion, Hands

Deion made talking on a cell phone cool, even when cell phones were the size of shoes.

Deion, phone

Shirts are overrated.

Deion, no shirt

Photo via


Deion, no shirt

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Just skimming through the Swimsuit Edition during Spring Training.

Deion, SI

From Deion to Leon.

Leon Sandcastle

And thankfully, back to Deion.

Deion, Neon

Photo via


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