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10 Tom Clancy novels that describe the Orioles' thrilling postseason run

10 Tom Clancy novels to describe the O's postseason

Roughly one year after spy-thriller novelist Tom Clancy passed away, the Baltimore Orioles are in the midst of a deep postseason run. Clancy, if you'll recall, once owned part of the Orioles and served as Vice Chairman of Community Projects and Public Affairs for the team, which is why a "Tom Clancy" patch has adorned the O's uniforms all season.

To recap the Orioles' postseason so far, let's take a look at ten Clancy novels that best describe the O's October run. Literature, postseason baseball, and covert espionage -- what better combination than that?

The Hunt for Red October: Duh. Let's start at the beginning. The very first of Clancy's Jack Ryan tales (the CIA agent, not the Orioles player in the early 1900s) so succinctly describes the O's -- and every team's, for that matter -- regular season. Maybe not the red part, but every team is certainly hunting for October baseball. In the O's case, might we suggest The Hunt for Orange October?


The Teeth of the Tiger: This one is rather self-explanatory. The Orioles faced the Tigers in the ALDS, certainly a team with some teeth: not only with the likes of Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez, but also three former Cy Young winners in its rotation. But it was no matter for the O's.


Dead or Alive: Heading into the eighth inning of ALDS Game 2, the Orioles were down 6-3, presumed dead. Surely the Tigers would retain the lead and tie the series at a game apiece. And then the O's had another gangbuster bottom of the eighth, and just like that they -- and their ALCS dreams -- were alive like never before.

Locked On: Through all three ALDS games, O's players had their sights locked on one goal: the ALCS. The team's infielders in particular seemed dead-set on advancing, turning textbook double plays and beautiful glove flips. Even the fans got in on the action.


Executive Orders: Two outs from clinching the series in the ninth inning of Game 3 of the ALDS, Buck Showalter strode to the mound and told his players simply, "We're going to walk this guy … The next guy's going to hit into a double play and we're gonna go home." So Buck ordered, and so it was.


Without Remorse: Oh, you mean like how the Orioles mercilessly swept the Tigers out of the postseason? Three straight ALDS wins including two late-inning scoring explosions -- that, friends, is what we call remorseless.

Command Authority: After sweeping the loaded Tigers, there should be no one underestimating the Orioles now. They demand respect, and they command authority.

Support and Defend: With the Angels knocked out, the Orioles will have home field advantage in the ALCS against the Royals, starting with two games in Baltimore. Defend your home. Defend your city. Defend Camden Yards.


Clear and Present Danger: The Royals are in the postseason for the first time in 29 years and they are streaking. Riding four straight wins, the first three of which came in extra-innings, it seems like the Royals can win any game at any time, by any means necessary -- even Billy Butler is stealing bases at this point. With the Royals standing in the way, it's not going to be easy for the O's to make it to the Fall Classic.


Red Storm Rising: If the Orioles do make it through the ALCS victorious and into the World Series, there's a 50-50 shot they face the St. Louis Cardinals. With four straight postseason appearances, two NL pennants in three years, and a World Series title in 2011, we all know how dangerous the red birds can be in October. 


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