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10 years ago, the Mets signed Endy Chavez and, well, you know what happened

10 years ago, Mets signed Endy Chavez

Before signing with the Mets on Dec. 23, 2005, Endy Chavez had never had a season where he hit .300, had never had an oWAR above 0.6 and had never played in a postseason game. 

But in 2006, Chavez tallied a career-high batting average of .306, compiled an oWAR of 1.2 and played in his first postseason. He helped the Mets get past the Dodgers in the NLDS with three hits in eight at-bats, but then, unfortunately, batted just .185 in the seven-game NLCS loss to the Cardinals. He did do something in that final Game 7, though, and that something would be making one of the greatest catches in postseason history:

The play cemented Chavez firmly into baseball lore -- inspiring bobbleheads, a Citi Field silhouette and Endy Chavez pretenders for years to come.

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