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It's the 17th anniversary of Yankee Stadium's 50,000-fan 'Macarena' record

1996 was a thrilling time. Scientists successfully cloned Dolly the sheep, the stock market was rising daily, and Independence Day affirmed that not even a massive alien invasion could slow America's roll.

No song better captured the spirit of '96 than the Los del Rio megahit "Macarena." On August 16 of that year, Yankee Stadium transformed into an enormous middle school dance for the largest group performance of the Macarena of all time.

This was our Woodstock.


The dance was led -- inexplicably, but wonderfully -- by Broadway legend Chita Rivera (because the big "Macarena" scene at the gym was definitely the best part of West Side Story). The grounds crew and fans seemed a little more enthusiastic than the players, but it's still a sight to behold.

Other dance crazes have come and gone, but the "Macarena" remains the untouchable ideal. But who knows? Come 2030, you might find yourself reminiscing over a particularly memorable take on the "Harlem Shake," or maybe even a stadium-wide rendition of "Gangnam Style."

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