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2014 Home Run Derby by the numbers: these guys hit six miles of home runs

Home Run Derby by the numbers: featuring six miles of home runs

We could drone on and on about the sheer power displayed during Monday night's Home Run Derby. In fact, we'd probably enjoyed doing just that:


Instead, though, we've opted to cut through to the nuts and bolts of the evening, giving you just the numerical figures you'll need to wrap your brain around the demonstration of force you witnessed to start your week. 

465,000 - The number of dollars Gilette and Major League Baseball donated to the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities program and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Each "flex ball" was worth $10,000. Every other homer earned a $5,000 contribution.

30,000+ - The number of total feet traveled by derby homers. Not including the home runs that came in swing-offs (there were four), ESPN tracked 29,981 feet of homers. *Carries the one* ... That's just shy of six miles.

510 - The projected number of feet Giancarlo Stanton's first round blast would have traveled if that pesky stadium hadn't been in the way.


452 - The number of feet traveled by the longest homer of the night, credited to now back-to-back Derby champ Yoenis Cespedes.


300 - The approximate number of pitches taken throughout all of the rounds and swing-offs. We say approximate because not every pitch was shown on the broadcast as stuff going on around Target Field and back in the clubhouses piqued the interest of the folks running the show. Eventually, the contestants got around to hitting home runs.


82 of them, to be precise. The first round featured 36 dingers and an additional 4 homers in swing-offs. The second round saw four batters slug 20 home runs while Giancarlo Stanton and Joey Bats rested until the third round. That third round featured 12 dingers. Yoenis Cespedes and Todd Frazier combined to add another 10 in the finals.

48 - The number of home runs that reached at least the second deck of Target Field. It should be noted that there was only one left-handed participant, hometown favorite (even though he's on the Rockies now) Justin Morneau.

44 - The number of times we were able to count Chris Berman using the word "back" before our heads exploded.

12 - The number of times a player's progress was interrupted by a teammate offering some Gatorade and a towel. This move was popularized by David Ortiz.

11 - The number of "Orange Flex Balls" belted into the seats.

2 - The number of times Yoenis Cespedes showed up the competition during the competition. Once with some twitter trash talk:

And once by straight chillin' between rounds while readying himself to face the NL Champ.


1 - The number of home runs that hit the foul pole. Cespedes did it once in the middle of this thing. It was one of the few times he didn't wind up in the second deck.

Zero ... Yasiel Puig bat flips because he posted a goose egg. He only took six pitches.