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Single-Issue All-Star Voting Guide: Outfielders' bat flips

A guide to ASG outfielders' bat flips

When filling out your 2015 All-Star Game ballot, it is important to take everything into consideration -- even the nittiest, grittiest details. You only get 35 votes, after all, and maybe there is one issue that you hold above all others. A single issue that separates one candidate from the rest. An issue that will sway your hand in the (metaphoric) voting booth. An issue, like … outfielders flipping their bats with style.

Bat flipping is an art. Each flip is unique, each batter adding his own flair and style. Some are subdued, some announce themselves to the entire metropolitan area. No two are the same. If you wish to evaluate the All-Star outfielding candidates based solely on their bat flip, well, go right ahead. 

Below are bat flips from a few of this year's outfielder candidates, so you know who you're voting for. And regardless, who doesn't want to watch a bunch of bat flips?

American League

Jose Bautista, Blue Jays

Bautista is a candidate who really understands the issues. He knows that the bat flip is not only applicable to home runs. While perhaps not always advised, you can flip your bat after any at-bat outcome -- say, a walk.


But don't worry, Bautista flips after homers, too. Particularly revenge homers. 

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Lorenzo Cain, Royals

It's a quick flip, but see how Cain moves the bat from his left hand to his right before flipping it behind him? That's Cain staking his claim at the cool vote. 


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Jacoby Ellsbury, Yankees

A good All-Star Game candidate needs enthusiasm. Good thing for Ellsbury, he has oodles. Just look at him, bat flipping like a pro even on a ball that went foul


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Torii Hunter, Twins

At 39 years old, the electorate might think Hunter is too old to execute an earth-shattering bat flip. Here is his ASG stump speech stating, simply, that notion is false. 


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National League

Carlos Gomez, Brewers 

There was an advertisement for Miller Park's Star Wars Night behind Gomez as he hit this homer, which makes sense because he flips his bat here like a Jedi tossing his lightsaber after vanquishing the Dark Side. 


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Bryce Harper, Nationals

This isn't so much a bat flip as it is a bat jettison. But we're including it here because we all know Harper would've flipped his bat if he'd wanted to. This walk-off home run simply demanded something else, and Harper's an innovator. 


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Yasiel Puig, Dodgers

Puig vowed to flip his bat less in 2015, but he didn't say there'd be zero bat flips. And so, behold: the bat flip maestro's second home run of the season:


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Justin Upton, Padres

Upton flips his bat as if he's saying, "This is the home run to end all home runs. It is the home run to end all at-bats. No one will need a bat ever again. It is done."


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