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Alex Rios thought he'd just caught the third out ... until Wilmer Flores sprinted home on a sac fly

Rios forgets there are only two outs, Flores scores

There's just so much to think about when you're hanging out in the outfield: Should I grab some pizza after the game? What's up with that apple in the outfield? Wait, is that Afro'd Darryl Strawberry?


With so much on the mind, it's tough to take care of the little things -- like, say, remembering how many outs there are in a given inning. So, when Curtis Granderson lifted a fly ball to right field with Wilmer Flores on third base in the bottom of Saturday's third inning, it's only natural that Alex Rios assumed there were already two outs. He was probably just excited to get the heart of Kansas City's order back up to the plate.

Except, well, there was only one out, and by the time Rios realized, it was way too late:

Rios blooper

We salute you, Dreamer Alex Rios. Flores probably would have scored and increased the Mets' lead to 2-0 anyway, and besides: You may not remember quite how many outs there are, but your imagination is razor sharp.