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A young Mets fan named after Tom Seaver is taking in Game 1 from Kauffman Stadium

Young Mets fan named Seaver attends Game 1

The Royals have been getting plenty of support at Kauffman Stadium this October. They are the home team, after all, and we know that Kansas City fans would do just about anything to get their team over the hump. 

But at least one fan in attendance for Game 1 of the World Series refused to root, root, root for the home team, and he can show his Mets fandom right in his first name: Seaver. As in this guy:

The younger Seaver is 7 years old, and took in the game at Kauffman Stadium with his parents. He used to live in Jackson Heights, Queens, where he became a diehard Amazins fan thanks to his mom -- who decided to name him after the Hall of Fame righty because, "we wanted a name that would fit someone who could do anything or be anything he wanted to be." He even had his first birthday at a Mets game.

Seaver fan

But Seaver now finds himself behind enemy lines: The family eventually moved to Wichita, Kan., and Tuesday marked the first time Seaver has been able to see his favorite team in person since he left New York. This is a house divided, though -- while Seaver and his mom bleed orange and blue, his dad is a Royals fan. And, though Seaver says he likes Kansas City well enough, his heart is with his namesake. 

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