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The Hall of Fame case: Armando Benitez

We can mostly split Hall of Fame candidates into three categories: There are the shoo-ins, like Greg Maddux, for whom the voting percentage is a mere formality. There are the debatables, like Tim Raines and Jack Morris, over whom endless internet ink will be justifiably spilled. And then there are the also-rans - those players who played long enough in the Majors to reach the Cooperstown ballot but have little chance of enshrinement. Those are the candidates we're here to discuss today. Their statistical exploits may be lacking, but perhaps there's another reason to check the 'Yes' box …

Let's talk about Armando Benitez, who saved 289 games during 15 Major League seasons split between seven teams. Here are some important facts to remember when considering 'Mondo's Cooperstown candidacy:

1. He led the league in saves in 2004 and sealed a Mets' postseason berth in 2000:

2. He once blew a save and told reporters, "I did my job."

Benitez, sad

3. He did things like this with guys like Hee-Seop Choi:

Benitez, Choi

4. He was front-and-center in one of the more exciting fracases in baseball history:

Benitez, brawl

5. He gave up one of the most controversial home runs of all-time:

So, is he a Hall of Famer? Let's hear your thoughts ...