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5 things the Cubs can expect from new manager and MLB original Joe Maddon

5 things the Cubs can expect from their new manager

As of Monday, Joe Maddon is officially bringing his managerial talents and offbeat style to Ferris Bueller's home city. The Cubs are locking up one of MLB's most interesting managers, and one of the league's truly unique characters. If there's one thing that can be said of Maddon, it's that he is, without a doubt, his own man.  

Although it's a good rule to always be on your toes when considering the bespectacled maverick, there are a few things that Cubs fans should expect from Maddon's tenure. To help the good people of Chicago out, we put together a primer on what makes Joe Maddon tick. 

An eclectic taste in music

Part hipster, part hippie, part one-hit wonder appreciator -- Maddon's taste in music cannot be confined by genres. This is the man who led a Woodstock-themed road trip for the Rays in May and then posted a lineup in July that doubled as a Tommy Tutone tribute.

So what will Maddon do with Chicago's (the city and the band) musical offerings? Will we see Lollapalooza-themed homestands? Will Cubs programs begin featuring Pitchfork articles? We just hope he doesn't send fans back to Chicago's midwestern brand of emo.

An intuitive knowledge of how to properly motivate his players

As manager of a baseball club, you need your players to want to play for you. In order to do that, you need to know what drives them to give their all. Luckily for Cubs fans, Joe knows. That's why he does things like bring penguins into the clubhouse to boost player morale, and why he bestowed specialty colognes from the 1970s upon his team's Player of the Game during their Woodstock-esque road trip. Not everyone would have the wherewithal to figure out that baseball players play their hardest when they smell like Sex Panther. 

A versatile set of talents to help out around the ballpark

Joe Maddon is no diva. He's not going to stay in his cushy office all day, only coming out and intermingling with the people when absolutely necessary. If he needs to pitch in around the ballpark, he will. For evidence, here is Maddon back in Spring Training, hand-preparing his family's famous "Third Base Hoagies" for his team.


Who knows, maybe Maddon will set up his own sandwich shop among the Wrigley Field concessions.

A brilliant Morrissey lookalike

C'mon, tell us this doesn't look exactly like the Smiths frontman:


Maddon is one of the more stylish managers in the MLB -- and let the record show that he was wearing his iconic thick-framed glasses before it was cool. With Maddon, the Cubs are not only getting a team leader, they're getting a fashion leader too.

A shrewd baseball mind that can wring talent from any roster

Maddon is an interesting character, sure, but let's not forget why the Cubs are hiring him: He can win games. The Rays produced winning seasons in six of Maddon's nine years with the team, including four postseason appearances, two division titles and an American League pennant. The infield-shift loving manager has been the AL Manager of the Year twice, and if the Cubs are lucky, he'll be the National League Manager of the Year in 2015. 

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