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A birthday poem for Edgar Martinez's 52nd

A birthday poem for Edgar Martinez's 52nd

Former Mariners designated hitter and mythical prophecy fulfiller Edgar Martinez turns 52 years old Friday. One of the greatest DHs and MLB sluggers of all time, it only seems fitting to honor his birth with a bit of verse and AABB rhyme scheme. Right?

In the wee infancy of year 1963,

Long before the likes of me,

The Earth begat a mighty man named Edgar

Who would grow to send baseballs away very far.

On just the second day of 1963,

The man was born who they'd call Papi.

He was so fine as Seattle's designated hitter,

That they made the Edgar Martinez award and we'd never heard of anything fitter.


Less than 48 hours into year 1963

We were given Edgar, and so lucky were we.

Opposing pitchers knew he was all sorts of trouble,

Just hear them tell the exhilarating tale of The Double.

On January 2nd, 1963

Edgar Martinez came to be.

So, Edgar, happy birthday,

On this January Friday. 

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