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A sneeze-induced oblique strain and four other weird injuries this Spring

5 strange injuries to come out of Spring Training

Unfortunately, weird injuries have become a Spring Training tradition over the years. They also happen during the regular season -- yes, we're looking at you Glenallen Hill.

On Saturday, Kevin Pillar fell victim to this tradition by straining his oblique after a particularly violent sneeze. Although weird, it's actually a pretty common occurence -- experienced by players such as Sammy Sosa, Colby Rasmus and Goose Gossage. But is his injury the strangest this Spring? Let's take a look at four other contenders.

Ronald Belisario, TB: Fractures shoulder getting out of his pool

Belisario, signed to a Minor League contract by the Rays, hurt his shoulder getting out of his pool back in February. The injury ended up being a bit more serious than expected once the reliever reported to camp:

"He had an accident a month ago getting out of a swimming pool," said Rays president of baseball operations Matt Silverman. "And it hadn't been checked out until he got here. It's going to push him back several weeks. We don't expect him to be ready for the beginning of the season ..."

Chris Sale, CWS: Fractures foot getting out of truck

The 25-year-old ace suffered an injury more reserved for somebody three times his age. It involved stepping out of his truck:

The cause of the injury was described by general manager Rick Hahn as involving "unloading some stuff off the back of his truck and landing awkwardly when he got off the back of the truck."

Sadly, he won't be ready for Opening Day.

Michael Saunders, TOR: Tears meniscus after run-in with sprinkler

The newly acquired outfielder slipped while shagging fly balls at the end of last month. The culprit? A sprinkler. Saunders prognosis has improved post-surgery, but he'll still be out for a few more weeks.

Corey Hart, PIT: Slices foot getting into hot tub

The Pirates outfielder/first baseman, not the '80s rock superstar, cut up his foot after descending into a whirlpool in the Buccos clubhouse back on March 1:

"As I was entering the tub, I slipped and landed on a filter cover," Hart said. "Plastic, but sharp, and my weight pushed down on it.

We feel ya, Corey. Hot tubs can be strange, mysterious places ...