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When the Reds called Aaron Boone up for his MLB debut, they sent down his brother Bret

Aaron Boone makes MLB debut, takes brother's place

In June of 1997, the Reds were struggling -- as was their second baseman, Bret Boone, who had been flirting with the Mendoza Line all season. Looking to shake things up, Cincy turned to their farm system, where a top-100 prospect just happened to be raking at Triple-A Indianapolis. One catch: His name was, uh, Aaron Boone -- brother of Bret, son of former big-leaguer Bob and grandson of former big-leaguer Ray -- and he was set to make a very unique debut.

Boone family

The younger Boone got called into his manager's office after a game and was told the good/bizarre news -- he'd finally made The Show, but he would be replacing his older brother on the roster. "I was being called up to replace my brother," Boone told back in 2010. "It was a very emotional moment on so many levels for me."

Now baseball's sole bearer of the Boone family name, Aaron decided to get his money's worth in his first game against the Cardinals. In the sixth inning, he came up with his first hit, RBI and stolen base, and when teammate Joe Oliver singled to right, he set his sights on his first run scored. When umpire Gary Darling disagreed, things escalated quickly:


Luckily, the Reds would go on to beat St. Louis, 4-2, and Bret would be united with his brother on the big club in a few days -- presumably after trying to convince everyone that he had no idea who that hothead throwing his helmet around was.

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