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Adam Eaton makes incredible diving catch and Hawk Harrelson goes all Hawk Harrelson

Mike Moustakas sent a deep fly ball to center field during Thursday's White Sox-Royals game. It looked like a double, possibly a triple, but then Adam Eaton came into the picture. Adam Eaton hates doubles and triples. He HATES them.

Yes, watch the GIF. GIFs are great -- particularly this one. But remember to also click the main video so you can listen to the first vintage Hawk Harrelson call of the year. We get a "Mercy!", a "You've gotta be BLEEPIN' me?!" and another quick "Mercy!" before the commercial break.

And, perhaps you'll recognize the uncanny similarity between Eaton's stellar play and the famous diving grab by Jim Edmonds from an Angels-Royals matchup at Kauffman Stadium in 1997:

Pretty much the same spot and everything.