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MLB food expert Adam Jones has weighed in on Cincinnati chili and ... he's not a fan


Cincinnati has quite a few famous culinary options -- Skyline Chili, Montgomery Inn ribs, La Rosa's pizza and Graeter's ice cream, among others. Thankfully, the MLB All-Star teams had a food expert among their ranks to help guide them through this lush and vibrant landscape of cuisine: Orioles outfielder and expert food Instagrammer Adam Jones.

And so, during All-Star Media Day on Monday, we asked Jones his thoughts on the local fare:

He wasn't too familiar with the city's chili, but he did say he was having an enormous amount of those Montgomery Inn ribs delivered to the clubhouse for his teammates to enjoy. He also promised us an Instagram photo (we're still waiting, Adam!).

But now that it's a day later,'s Robert Bondy checked back in with Jones to see how he enjoyed the Cincy food:

"Well I know Skyline Chili ain't as good as it's advertised. It's not as good as advertised. I'll say that to the city of Cincinnati. Skyline Chili is not that good. ... The ribs, Montgomery ribs, Montgomery Inn [are] legit. And the city of Cincinnati put on a great show ... Everybody here is smiling and happy, that's what the All-Star Game is about."


For the uninitiated, Skyline Chili isn't like your traditional chili. It has a surprising cinnamon and cocoa flavor to it, and it's traditionally served either on a hot dog or over spaghetti noodles with a massive lump of cheese on top:


Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I adore Cincinnati chili, Skyline specifically, and I could not disagree with Jones more. This guy enjoyed it quite a bit too -- I'm just sayin':


But hey, to each their own. Jones is right about those ribs though. Those are legit: