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After three walks in a row, Julio Teheran tries to condemn a baseball to his digestive system

Julio Teheran attempts to eat a baseball

Braves starter Julio Teheran walked three of the first four Mets batters to begin Thursday afternoon's National League East matchup. Loading the bases like that in the first inning would make any pitcher turn on the very tools at his disposal. The mere sight of a baseball might make one burn with fury. The need to make the ball disappear would become imperative. 


So, after Michael Cuddyer took his base, Teheran seems to have tried to swallow the ball whole. He wished to condemn the ball to an acidic fate in the depths of his digestive system, dooming it forever. Here is an scientific rendering of what that might look like:


He was unsuccessful in his newfangled hidden-ball trick, as it turned out, and the game continued. But that doesn't mean the attempt didn't taste good.

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