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A.J. Pierzynski's signing first reported from inside a ham store

Pierzynski's signing first reported from a ham store

On Wednesday,'s Mark Bowman reported that catcher A.J. Pierzynski would be signing with the Braves.

Though the club has yet to confirm, where did the info come from? Did Pierzynski tweet something? Was it a report from Ken Rosenthal? A leaked document? 

Nope, it came from a Dad shopping for some Christmas ham who then told his son, drummer in the band As Cities Burn, Aaron Lunsford.

And even though Lunsford doesn't have one of those newfangled journalism degree doohickeys: 

The baseball world had to give him his due: 

But there's one more piece of drama to this affair. We can only hope the ham police were kind: 

Fortunately, everything is OK ... for now. 

So remember, rumor seekers: Ham stores are the new baseball rumor hot spots.

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