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One Royals fan was very, very eager to snag Mike Moustakas' Game 6 home run

For a fan, the chance to catch a home run ball is a dream come true, one worth sacrificing your beer and/or dignity for. It may even result in fits of uncontrollable dancing:

Braves fan dance

The chance to catch a home run ball in the ALCS, though, is even cooler. So, when Mike Moustakas smacked one to deep right-center in Game 6 on Friday night, Royals fan Caleb Humphreys wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. As the ball just managed to clear the top of the wall, Humphreys -- with a glove, because he always comes prepared -- reached out and made the snag:

Moose HR

The play was eventually reviewed for fan interference, but the call on the field of a home run stood. Humphreys, for his part, couldn't believe what just went down -- he even managed to make some new friends in the process:

Just a few minutes later, we learned there are many ways to handle a home run ball. Jose Bautista blasted a dinger in the top of the fourth, and a Kansas City fan sitting in left-center threw the thing right back where it came from:

The Royals would eventually emerge victorious from this battle of dueling dingers, pulling out a 4-3 win to advance to the World Series. You can catch Game 1 on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 8 ET on FOX.