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Alex Rodriguez's third home run of the night gets the Yankees even in the ninth

Hitting a home run in a Major League game is an achievement to be proud of -- facing big league pitching is a ridiculously difficult task, much less squaring one up and hitting it out of the park. Hit two, and now you've really done something remarkable. Hit three and, well, it never hurts to dream, I guess. 

Unless you're Alex Rodriguez, who decided to be a one-man offense for the Yankees as they came back to beat the Twins on Saturday night. Behold:

A-Rod three homers

That last one was a big one, too -- not only did the solo shot tie the game in the ninth, but it came off of Minnesota's All-Star closer Glen Perkins, who had blown only one save all year. Brett Gardner was so excited, he made off with the batting helmet:

A-Rod third homer