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All the puns you need to know now that Adrian Gonzalez is on pace for 270 home runs

Adrian Gonzalez is on pace for 270 home runs

Adrian Gonzalez hit a home run on Opening Day. That's pretty good. 

Adrian Gonzalez hit another home run the next day. Hey, that's even cooler. 

Adrian Gonzalez hit another home run on Wednesday. Not willing to stop there, the first baseman then hit another. And another. All together, they looked something like this: 




That gives the slugger five dingers, err, (sorry AP), five homers in only three games, putting Gonzalez on pace to hit 270 home runs this season. 

In addition to Gonzalez being the first player to ever hit five home runs in his team's first three games of the season, the slugger is hitting 10-for-13 with 5 HR, 2 2B, 7 RBI and a 2.077 slugging percentage. Were Gonzalez to keep it up at this pace, he'd finish the year with 540 hits and 378 RBI. For comparison's sake, a player needs 502 at-bats to qualify for the batting title.

Of course, Gonzalez's outburst demandes that people make puns on his name. So if you need a headline for your blog post or something to say at work tomorrow, here are a few suggestions:

- Adrian GONEzalez

- Adrian Going, going GONEzalez 

- Gonzo journalism: Gonzalez's power outburst at start of year is wilder than anything Hunter S. Thompson ever did.

- Adrian! Adrian! Adriiiiiiiaaaan!

- Way back, way back, way back, A-Gon

- An A-Bomb from A-Gone

- Bang an A-Gon, Get It On

- Adrianatic Sea: Dodgers slugger has more power than all the oceans combined

- Gon-zalez Girl (You know, like the movie?) 

Gonzalez better not stay this hot for too long, though. After all, there are only so many puns we have left. 

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