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Andrew McCutchen assisted yet another exemplary double play from the outfield

Watch Andrew McCutchen's exemplary double play assist

In the bottom of the second inning of the Pirates' 3-0 win over the Cubs on Sunday, Chris Coghlan popped a pitch from A.J. Burnett into shallow center field. Andrew McCutchen zoomed in to make a sliding catch -- and then he sprang right back up, launched the ball to Pedro Alvarez at first and nabbed Miguel Montero for the double play.


It was not only Cutch's second DP from the outfield on the year -- tying him with five other outfielders this season -- it was, according to Statcast™, an exemplary one, too: McCutchen hit 21 mph on his 99.2-percent efficient route to snatch Coghlan's fly ball.

The DP ended the inning and kept the Cubs off the board. Later, in the eighth inning, Cutch had an animated discussion with Josh Harrison in the dugout.


We're not lip readers, but he may have been recounting a slightly embellished version of his double play:

"Listen, Josh, I'm telling you: There were four men on base and that ball was ten thousand feet in the air if it was one. And then, just as I'm running, I feel this rumbling under my feet. I swear, the ground split right open and then this swarm of bees flew from the depths of the earth and started landing all over my jersey. I had to fight my way through to make that sliding catch. I can't believe you didn't see it."

OK, so maybe that's not what Cutch said. But it was still an impressive double play. 

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