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Don't brush Andrew McCutchen back, or he'll power up with some push-ups and hit a double

Cutch brushed back, does some push-ups and doubles

You may be under the impression that Andrew McCutchen is a pretty gentle, easygoing guy. When he's not giving batting gloves to adorable little Pirates fans, he's cutting his dreadlocks for charity and generally just being awesome at both baseball and life

But be warned: Come at the Cutch, and you're playing with fire. It's a lesson Reds reliever Nate Adcock learned all too well after he brushed McCutchen back on Tuesday, and was soon faced with the terrifying sight of the former MVP pumping up with some mid-AB push-ups:

McCutchen pushups

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One pitch later, Adcock would learn the error of his ways:

Cutch double

"You know, working out will get you all amped up," McCutchen said after the game. "If I get knocked down like that, I'll definitely get a couple in. That pumped me up a little bit."

Which got us thinking of a certain sailor man:

He's McCutchen the Pirate man,
McCutchen the Pirate man.

He'll do some quick push-ups
And then hit your changeup 
He's McCutchen the Pirate man!

Push-ups: Because, seriously, spinach is gross.'s Adam Berry contributed reporting to this piece.