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Watch Andrew McCutchen fly around the bases on this inside-the-park homer

Andrew McCutchen hits inside-the-park shot

If a home run is the most exciting moment in baseball (We can debate that. I mean, I go crazy for a well-placed bunt), then an inside-the-park home run is like ... the Michael Bay version of that: faster and even more bombastic. 

With the Pirates in the midst of a playoff fight, trailing the Phillies 3-2 in the top of the 5th, Andrew McCutchen decided that not only did he want to tie the game, but he wanted to get a good workout in along the way. McCutchen sprinted around the bases on his deep fly off the center field fence, coming in standing in only 15.4 seconds. 

After Neil Walker grounded out, Rusell Martin came up looking to put the Pirates ahead. But while Martin is a fine hitter and a wonderful pitch framer, you would never confuse him with Usain Bolt. So he decided to go with a more traditional trot.


While there was one man separating McCutchen and Walker's shots, it was almost a year ago when Martin followed Pedro Alvarez's inside-the-park shot with one of his own. That time, though, the Bucs got a third in a row off the bat of Garrett Jones:

As for teams hitting back-to-back inside-the-park homers? That has only been accomplished once: by Toby Harrah and Bump Wills of the Texas Rangers on August 27, 1977.

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