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Andrew McCutchen's new Twitter video is an Oscar-worthy take on modern restaurants

Instant glassic! Cutch short film is superb

It's Oscar season. Film studios are beginning to release their awards contenders, hoping to leave them fresh in the minds of Academy voters -- that means a lot of "prestigious" and "ambitious" films debuting over the next month. It's a shame, then, that Andrew McCutchen just released the most Oscar-worthy film we'll see this year.   

McCutchen premiered his work, seemingly destined for the "Short Film Live Action" category, Monday morning on Twitter. It is an existential drama that strikes at the heart of the modern restaurant experience and reveals the truth behind the way we dine now, all in a brisk 30 seconds.  

Presenting McCutchen in, "When Your Waiter Does This..."

A tense drama, beautifully acted and masterfully directed. We assume McCutchen wrote it too, because this is the work of a true auteur. 

Film critic Dee Gordon's rave review featured four of the OED's Word of the Year.

Apparently, we have one to add to the list of "MLB players who could turn their hidden talents into second careers."

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