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Andy Cohen watches what happens in the NLCS with Tony La Russa and Jim Edmonds

Of all of the people Andy Cohen thought he'd run into during his time spent at Busch Stadium Saturday afternoon, a future Hall of Fame manager probably didn't crack the top five.

But there they were -- Cohen, the outgoing television executive/Real Housewife impresario and Tony La Russa, the cerebral, understated, somewhat-mysterious baseball lifer -- chatting it up and talking ball in a plush suite during Game 2 of the NLCS between the Cardinals and Dodgers. Retired outfielder Jim Edmonds, with whom Cohen established a friendship a while back, was also there.

Cohen, born and raised in St. Louis, is, along with Jon Hamm, one of the Cardinals' most vocal celebrity fans. He lives in New York and has a full-time, demanding and very public career, but nothing took precedence over watching his Cardinals play in the postseason. He was in St. Louis for the first two games of the NLCS and intends to return for the World Series, should the Cardinals get that far.

"I love baseball, but there's something about this team ... when you're born in St. Louis, you grow up in this town, with this team, it's in your blood," Cohen said.

While we're not sure if La Russa has ever watched an episode of the Real Housewives series, there is little doubt about Edmonds' knowledge about the show. He actually appeared on an episode with the Orange County cast when he was a dinner guest of one of the stars.

"I was watching a rough cut of it at home and I almost fainted," Cohen said. "I'm like, 'Cardinals legend Jim Edmonds is on my show.' I was so psyched."

Edmonds hasn't made it onto "Watch What Happens Live," but that's about to change. Soon. The show features a guest bartender to keep the panelists happy. Guess who's scheduled for November?

"We just worked it out," Cohen confirmed.

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