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Andy Cohen's dog Wacha actually meets Michael Wacha, adorableness ensues


Watch What Happens Live host and St. Louis native Andy Cohen bleeds Cardinal red -- he's a frequent guest at Busch Stadium, and he's been known to let some definitely-unqualified Cards play bartender every now and then.

Just how deep does his fandom run, you ask? May we present: Wacha, Cohen's rescue dog, who a) is named after Michael Wacha, b) is incredibly adorable and c) HAS AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. Go ahead, we'll wait:


A photo posted by Wacha Cohen (@therealwacha) on

Wacha has many passions in life, like long walks on the beach:


A photo posted by Wacha Cohen (@therealwacha) on

Or browsing YouTube for the latest trends:


A photo posted by Wacha Cohen (@therealwacha) on


Wacha's done a lot in his young life, but he had never gotten to meet his namesake -- until Tuesday night, that is. With the Cardinals in town to play the Mets and the universe clearly smiling upon us, Cohen and Wacha the dog just happened to come across Wacha the pitcher:


Sure, meeting a Major League pitcher is nice and all, but unless a helicopter is involved, this will only be like the third most remarkable thing Wacha did this week:


The Upper East Side looks teeny from a chopper! #LifeOfARescue ������

A photo posted by Wacha Cohen (@therealwacha) on