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Angel Stadium's Star Wars Night brought the dark side of the force to the broadcast booth

Darth Vader paid the A's broadcast booth a visit

Star Wars Day has rapidly become one of baseball's most beloved traditions, taking ballparks to everyone's favorite galaxy far, far away. 

But, just as with the Force, there is both the dark side and the light -- for every adorable Wookie and R2-D2 hat, there is evil lurking in the shadows, and that evil revealed itself at the Angels' Star Wars Night during their matchup with the A's on Monday:

Vader GIF

Clearly furious with the joy Star Wars Night brought to Anaheim, Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers have come to seek vengeance, immune to the charms of the Angels broadcast team.

Their tour then moved to the A's booth, looming ominously over the bottom of the first. Sensing this disturbance in the Force, probable Jedi Mike Trout promptly ripped a single to center. 

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