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14 years ago, the A's acquired submariner Chad Bradford

14 years ago, A's acquired submariner Chad Bradford

You remember Chad Bradford -- he's the guy who throws like this:


He's also the guy who got to watch his trade to the A's dramatized through the medium of scenes between Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill: 

In real life, Bradford was drafted in 1996 by the White Sox, but even though he made his MLB debut in 1998, he would spend most of his time in Chicago's organization in the Minors. But, as Michael Lewis wrote in the book on which the film was based: 

The guy looked funny when he threw...and his fastball came in at between 81 and 85 mph. Chad Bradford didn't know it, but as he dropped his arm slot, and took heat off his fastball, he was becoming an Oakland A.

On this date in 2000, the A's completed their swap of minor-leaguer Miguel Olivo for extreme submariner Bradford. Moneyball portrays him as quite pleased by the trade:

Fun fact: Casey Bond, who played Bradford in the film, played center field for the Giants organization before he became an actor.

The real Bradford played for the 2002 team that won 20 games in a row, and allowed only five hits (and no runs) over his seven postseason appearances with the A's. Pretty great for a "misfit toy."

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