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Ask your mom: the former Brewers prospect sang Boyz II Men, is a valiant knight on 'The Bachelorette'

Last week, we were able to talk shop with one of the world's most renowned Bachelorette experts, my mom, about the former Brewers prospect who's looking to woo Andi Dorfman through a series of conveniently edited physical challenges and ridiculous group dates while millions of normal Americans watch from their living rooms.

My mom went on the record saying that former Brewers prospect and current Bachelorette contestant Josh Murray was definitely Andi's type, but that he might turn out to be a snake who has a girlfriend or only came on the show for fame or the cool vacations or whatever. She also said he forgot to say his name when he met Andi (he didn't).

There were apparently two episodes of this stuff that people were watching when they could have been watching live baseball. I texted my mom for an update on Murray and his romance with Andi during the second episode of the week.

Bachelorette Texts 2

My mom called me at the end of the episode to let me know that Monday's episode didn't include a rose ceremony because one of the contestants who was sent home, Eric Hill, died in a paragliding accident. Instead of showing the rose ceremony, Andi was shown reflecting on her time with Eric and mourning his loss.

Josh Murray did receive a rose and my mom will surely text me next week so that we can all stay in the know without having to give up any of our precious time watching baseball.