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Astros mascot Orbit picked the wrong 'security guard' to dance battle

Astros mascot Orbit loses dance battle with 'security guard'

The Astros are celebrating Orbit's birthday this weekend with a variety of events, and although the green alien mascot will be the center of attention most of the weekend, someone else stole the show on Friday night.

In the middle of the third inning of the Tigers-Astros game, Orbit trotted onto the field to have some fun dancing with the on-field security at Minute Maid Park. After the first security guard declined Orbit's dance challenge, he found his match with another, who broke out some unreal dance moves:


Although the question of whether the man was truly a security guard was left unresolved, the dance battle was quite entertaining. Orbit doesn't lose too many dance battles, but I think he knew he had been bested this time. There's always next time, Orbit.

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