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Astros prospect Lance McCullers made his first MLB start in some sweet Batman cleats

Astros prospect makes first start in Batman cleats

Matt Harvey may be baseball's official Dark Knight, but lo, from the plains of Texas, a new hero has emerged. Lance McCullers is his name, dispensing justice with an electric fastball-curve combination that has already cleaned up the streets of Corpus Christi, and the city of Houston has been anticipating his coming for quite some time. During Monday night's game against the Athletics, this mysterious 21-year-old flamethrower finally revealed himself, and he came bearing a familiar symbol:



 Already there are signs of hope, as it seems the citizens of Houston are in safe hands:

McCullers K

In all seriousness, imagine you're 21 years old, in Corpus Christi just a few days ago and now making your big league debut for a first-place team -- and you calmly stroll out there with Batman cleats.

McCullers, for his part, thought nothing of it, according to's Brian McTaggart: "I think I saw some people getting on me, but it's alright. I just like Batman. I've been wearing them the whole year."

No matter where his career takes him, on this night, Lance McCullers wins on swag alone.

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