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Astros unveil the eat-on-the-go chicken and waffle cone

Astros unveil the chicken and waffle cone

Have you ever been in the mood for chicken and waffles, but because of your hectic and busy schedule, don't have time to sit down for a meal? Are you at a large sporting event and lack a table and utensils with which to eat your meal? Well, have no fear: The Astros are happy to solve that little issue. 

From the makers of the BBQ baked potato, arguably the most delicious ballpark food of 2014, comes the resplendent chicken and waffles cone. 

That's right, not only is there fried chicken inside of a waffle cone, but it's stuffed with fluffy mashed potatoes and topped with honey mustard. That's a dish that could win you Top Chef, right there. 

If I may make one quibble, and it's solely coming from my place as Vice Treasurer of the Every Meal Should Be Breakfast Party, I wish there was an option with eggs, hash browns and maple syrup. But perhaps, like Icarus flying too close to the sun, it's better that we never reach that place. 

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